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afternoon. 5:00 temperature 74 after topping out around 76. it is going to be a nice afternoon. yesterday we got to 70. this morning clear skies overhead. a few showers well in eastern indiana but we're for the going to see any of that today. chilly this morning. cumberland 37. down to 33. petersburg 35. low 40s in martinsburg and frederick and manassas and culpeper. a definite chill in the ear. easton 51. 50 at andrews. a beautiful afternoon, even though we'll have a couple more clouds this morning with high temperatures in the mid to even upper 70s in a couple of spots spots. should i strike a pose now, howard? >> go on. what's your response? if you're planning head around town, things are looking very good. if you were at the verizon center last night, i think everything is cleared up and
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traffic should be moving well around chinatown. no problems to report there. on the west side of town, no problems to report between the gw parkway, dulles toll road 66, inbound 66 also looking good as you head for the beltway and beyond inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on the west side of town. no problems to report north side of town here at university boulevard. outer loop looking good leaving 95 toward university and 270. back over to our maps, this time we'll head out to route 50 coming in from annapolis. no issues to report all the way into cheverly. same story on the bw parkway in from greenbelt and a live look at route 50 and no issues here as you head inbound toward the beltway. route 4 here at pennsylvania avenue and the beltway looks good as well. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:09. most of his campaign talk has been about domestic economy but today president obama is changing topics. >> the president will address the u.n. general assembly and he's expected to focus on
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problems in libya, the middle east and iran. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live outside the white house with the story. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, mike and andrea. president obama has plenty to talk about when he addresses the u.n. general assembly later today in new york. there's the civil war in syria, the recent attacks in libya and egypt and the possibility of iran developing a nuclear weapon. but the president is not going to be at the u.n. for long. he's taken some hits for it. the president arrived in new york city yesterday afternoon and he went straight for a sitdown not with world leaders but with the ladies of the view. in fact, the president will not be sitting down with any world leaders during the u.n. which is extremely rare. last year he had 13 meetings with world leaders during the u.n. so critics are accusing the president of putting his reelection efforts ahead of diplomacy but jay carney pointed out the president is hosting two receptions for world leaders during the u.n. not to mention he speaks with them on the phone all the time.
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>> the fact of the matter is the president does not wait for an annual meeting to have consultations with foreign leaders and they will continue. >> reporter: the president is expected to focus much of his speech on this man, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. mr. obama says the u.s. will do whatever it takes to make sure iran will never obtain a nuclear weapon. now, the president's speech is going to come just one day after ahmadinejad's speech in which he called israel a nuclear armed fake radio jeep that prompted israel's u.n. ambassador to walk out saying ahmadinejad showed once again he not only threatens the future of the jewish people but also seeks to erase our past. so that of course raises the question of how is all of this foreign policy playing out on the campaign trail, a campaign trail that's been dominated so much by domestic issues. we'll take a look at both sides with the obama campaign and the romney campaign coming up in
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half an hour at 5:30. mike, andrea? >> kristin fisher outside the white house. thank you. another person in the washington area has died from west nile virus. virginia's health department confirmed a second death in northern virginia. the victim only described as an adult who lived in fairfax county. one person in d.c. has died from it as well d maryland has reported three cases of west nile deaths. operations appear to be back to normal at disul less enter -- at dulles international airport after security officials is investigated a bomb threat around 9:00 last night. the united terminal was closed for a while. the daily parking garages were swept by authorities. no bombs were found. the flights were operational by 10:45 and the all clear was given by 11715. -- by 11:15. the national zoo panda's team has few clues to go on in the death of the panda cub. the cub's body showed no signs of being smothered or crushed
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by its mother but preliminary tests did turn up fluid in the cub's abdomen as well as abnormal liver coloring. >> this can suggest there was a liver component to the death but we won't know until we get the slides back. >> panda team is now concentrating on making sure mei xiang is okay. she's been cradling a toy in place of the cub but she did interact normally with her keepers and vets yesterday. it is 5:05. time to check on the money report this morning. jessica has the day off. we are hoping for a rebound on wall street today. in asia japan's nikkei index closed up a quarter after percent in trading. as far as european markets that's just getting started over there. let's check the numbers here at home. the dow lost 20 points on monday to finish at 3558. the nasdaq dropped 19 points. the s&p 500 was off three and change.
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maryland's utility companies are fighting to keep some special surcharges they can levee on customers even when the power goes out. one commissioner said that charging this fee to customers is like sitting -- while sitting in the dark is like rubbing salt in their wounds. wounds. [indiscernible] 100,000 people have lost power. for bge customers the charge works out to be 49 cents. >> there are fixed costs that still have to be covered. it isn't even the number of dollars. it's the idea that the customer has had tremendous damage that's occurred. >> customer advocates point out that those without electricity had other costs like hotels, replacing spoiled food no word on the psc and when it will rule on the surcharge. the navy is naming a new
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class of ships for a former astronaut. >> large secretaries of the unite -- large sections of the united kingdom are under a flood warning this morning. >> kyle shanahan could get in trouble for his post-game confrontation with one of the replacement officials. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. yesterday afternoon beautiful. we got to 70 degrees. we're going to be doing a little bit better than that this afternoon. but this morning it is still rather chilly out there, especially out in the mountains and western maryland. we've got some 30s showing up.
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37 in cumberland. it's 35 right now in petersburg and even old town maryland got a report of 33 this morning. quite a chill in the air. east of i-81 or east of the mountains things get a little milder but still 41 in martinsburg and frederick. 43 manassas and culpeper. a chilly start. by the bay, a little milder. temperatures there like the patuxent river naval air station in the upper 50s. makes a big difference. here's a look at our day planner. we're going to have a good deal of sunshine a. few more clouds this afternoon. by noon 69. a little bit after breeze out of the south but still a pretty nice lunch hour, good recess. 3:00 74. you notice the partly sunny skies. high today about 76 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 73. looks like we'll be even warmer tomorrow. i'll tell you about that and some rain chances headed our way when i see you in about 5 minutes. right now here's monika with a look at timesaver traffic. on the northbound side of i- 95, lanes are open. just a bit of volume building right now leaving route 644 heading for the beltway and on
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to 395 to the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. all your potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident free. i'll be back with more and a look at maryland roads coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. making news now at 5:10, authorities in southern california have recovered the body after man they say had refused to follow wildfire evacuation orders. the blaze near the mexican border has destroyed 20 homes and is threatening several hundred more. crews have contained about 40% of the fire. roads are closed across much of england, scotland and wales this morning because of some massive flooding there. at least one death has been blamed on the storms. a woman was killed by a falling tree branch. dozens of worngz were put out to try to keep -- warnings were put out to try to keep people away from the dangers. neil armstrong is being honored for his military missions closer to earth. the navy is naming a new class of research vessels in
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armstrong's honor. armstrong flew nearly 80 combat missions during the korean war. entrepreneurs are getting a special chance to pitch their ideas to experts this week. but first, they need to be willing to board the start-up bus. the monday night football ending that has everybody talking and sending out tweets. we can't repeat some of those on tv but it's all about the replacement refs. howard has rain chances in the seven-day forecast. i'll detail that. keep it here.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:14. you'll need that jacket again this morning. it's a chilly start. >> especially in the mountains of west virginia. we have 30s there. most of news the 40s but a great afternoon. >> no flakes anywhere. >> no. the air mass is too dry for that and way, way too early. snow lovers can't wait to get on the slopes although i'm one of them. a lot of people like to keep the snow in the mountains and keep it dry here. weather wise we have a chilly start for you. our bus stop forecast talking about temperatures generally in the 40s to low 50s. the warm areas are in town and by the way. most of us this morning down in the 40s under clear skies. sunrise a minute before 7:00 a.m. we have weeks and weeks and then the first weekend of november when we get over to daylight saving time. our day planner we start with
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mostly sunny skies. by noon 69. a few more clouds this afternoon. 3:00 temp 74. i think we'll poke up to 76 for a high. still nice, 73. you'll notice the winds picking up a bit this afternoon. it may get just a bit breezy out there as well. it's chilly this morning with light winds. down to 41 in northern loudoun county. haymarket is 46. 45 at fort belvoir. bowie also 46. our friends at andrews si at 50 even. up north in rockville 47. outside on our michael & son weather camera still looking good. a little bit after breeze out there. notice the flags outside the capitol are up a little bit. 54. winds officially south, southwest at 6 at reagan national and our humidity at 72%. a couple of storms across the u.s. we've got this flow of moisture across south florida. they've been wet for a couple of weeks down there. out west unsettled weather. sort of see a little spin coming in toward utah here. as that storm system moves across the country, it's going
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to try to throw a bit of warm weather toward us. the big chill continues up in canada. notice the big storm here throwing a cold front to our south here across the great lakes. that front is going to be trying to get in our neighborhood as we get into later tomorrow and thursday and friday and just hanging out. with that front nearby, that means we'll have chances for rain but trying to forecast the individual little ripples of energy or low pressure along that, this is a meteorological nightmare in a sense for timing. i can tell you the chances are going to be but to -- to be there but to pick out an individual feature, it's tough. today looks good. perhaps a few more clouds this afternoon. highs mid-70s. tonight, we could see a shower, especially north of town during the overnight period toward tomorrow morning. south of town i think you'll be generally dry. on wednesday we're good through lunch time. then in the afternoon can't rule out a spotty shower, especially north again. look at the difference up in pennsylvania on wednesday. then wednesday night into thursday, we're going to watch that front. the models here at least trying to keep it up into
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pennsylvania. i think it's going to be closer to us so we'll have better rain chances than what this particular model is showing. nice today, 76. a few more clouds this afternoon. 50s and low 60s tonight. it won't be nearly as chilly. tomorrow warmer 84. chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. maybe an early shower thursday, 75. then that rain chance will be with us on and off friday through even monday. high temperatures generally in the low 70s. nighttime lows 50s and 60s. it's 5:17. the material girl herself with timesaver traffic. thank you so much. if you're planning to head around town, i'm happy to say there are no big issues to report coming in from southern maryland on route 4, route 5, 301 out of brandywine all the way into ox why hill on the beltway, accokeek 210 looks great. no problems across the river on the south side of town. we'll take a look at route 210. traffic is extremely light here. no issues whatsoever to the wilson bridge. back over to our maps and this time to the other side of town.
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inbound i-66 looking good into centreville toward fairfax and the beltway. the beltway looks good as well. entire western stretch of town. we'll go outside live one more time and show what you it looks like on the beltway at route 4, pennsylvania avenue. no issues again in prince george's county. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:25. back to you guys. of the nationals, three remaining series, two of them are with the phillies including the one that starts tonight. monday night play that got a wisconsin state senator so mad, he tweeted out n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell's phone number. that story is coming up in sports. now we want to take another look at the question of the day. women are responsible for buying 80 % of this item even though both genders use it. is it a, makeup, b, deodorant, or c, shampoo. >> one morning fan wrote c,
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shampoo. he's from alabama. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we'll be back.
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5:21 on this tuesday morning. we have some 40s, even some 30s. petersburg 35. we've got some areas locally in western maryland near the freezing mark. by 9:00 sunny. we're in the 50s to near 60.
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lunch time looks pretty nice. upper 60s, 70 in frederick. manassas 70. we get into the afternoon a few more clouds from the west. look at the highs in the mid- 70s. nice. >> thank you, howard. a top redskins decision is among those who may be fined for the way he reacted. >> the nationals face one of their device foes tonight as -- division foe tonight as they close in on the national east crown. kristen berset has pore. good morning. there's -- has more. good morning. there's just nine games left to play in the nationals season. they're getting closer to clinching the division. a big win yesterday over milwaukee lowered their magic number to just five. they crushed the brewers 12-2 in a matinee. now they head to philly. the nationals are the last team to have beaten hammels. that was all the way back on august 2. so it's going to be a really tough series but the sooner they clinch, the starters can sit and rest which gives them an advantage come
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october. >> obviously the most important thing is to get that taken care of. i think we can rest november if rereally had to but if we can win a few games here and get it taken care of, it will give some of our guys a couple days off. it definitely would be an advantage for our team. >> the n.f.l. this week showed its series about punishing those who criticize the replacement referees. denver head coach john fox was fined a total of $55,000 for verbally abusing the refs in their loss to atlanta. three other coaches are under investigation, that includes redskins offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. at the end of their loss yesterday, shanahan had some choice words that aren't appropriate for me to share with you about the men in stripes. he chased them down to their locker room. it's going to be an ongoing issue. they're back again this week but the redskins realize that they're for the the only team being affected. >> you can get frustrated.
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you can say this, say that, whatever the case may be. the situation we're all dealing with, both teams. sometimes they get it ride. sometimes they get it wrong. can't make excuses. >> that was the -- wasn't the difference in winning or losing the game but those things occur. would you like cooler heads that prevail. that's what i expect. >> that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. here's the end of last night's monday night football that has even more people calling for a resolution to the n.f.l. referee strike. russell wilson throw as hail mary into the end zone. yes. green bay corner m.d. jennings says he has the ball. but the replacement ref ruled receiver golden tate came down with it giving the seahawks the game-winning touchdown. the official booth review upheld the rueing even though replays also appeared to show
5:25 am
tate committing a penalty. tate maintains he did catch the ball and held on to it. >> i think the only people who are happy are the fans out there in -- where is that town? >> seahawks. >> yeah, right. moving along. >> president obama will be addressing the united nations today. we'll preview that coming up. if you love a little mean know, you'll want to know about a study injured way. here's monika with the update on the rush hour. on the southbound side of the bw parkway near route 202, two lanes blocked with accidents so watch out for the delays as you head through cheverly this morning. i'll have more on that and other area roads at 5:30. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back to 9news now on this tuesday morning. it's going to be a beautiful day. i'm andrea roane. a breath of fresh rare. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. monika samtani, she could use some fresh air this morning. western maryland we have lower 30s being reported in a few spots with many 40s in the metro outside of the beltway. a chilly morning but it's going to be a beautiful afternoon with a nice warm-up and a few more clouds. here's a look at your day planner. we start chilly. it is -- traffic looks to be flowing well in the tysons corner area on our michael & son weather camera but you'll see some sunshine in a little while. sun doesn't rise till 6:59. lunch time looks great. a little breezy at times. 69 at noon. high around 76 mid afternoon. by 5:00 we're back down to 74 degrees. overhead it's all quiet. far west you can see a couple showers coming in toward western ohio. nothing locally. that will be the case all day today. look at the temperatures.
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down to 41 in frederick and martinsburg. 37 in cumberland with locally 33 reported at old town this morning in western maryland. fredricksburg 46. 48 in la plata. we're still sitting thanks to the warmer waters of the potomac at 54. temperatures this afternoon it's going to be a sweet one. just a bit breezy with highs in the mid-70s. it is 5:30 straight up. let's get your traffic. here's monika samtani with that. thank you so much, howard. with timesaver traffic i think you're going to be a also concerned about one issue on the southbound side of the bw parkway. it's an accident after route 202 and we're told that both thru lanes are blocked. you possibly can get through using the shoulder and police direction but i would suggest you use route 50 as your alternate route on the inbound side of the bw parkway again after route 202 where the accident sits right now. we'll keep you posted on that situation. we're in touch with park police for you. a live look if you're planning to head here on the beltway
5:31 am
north of town. this is looking fine from 95 to university university all the way to 270. a quick look at the maps again. this time over in virginia where 95 is incident free. i'll be back with more on that situation in cheverly at 5:39. foreign policy takes center stage today. president obama is going to address the u.n. general assembly in new york. >> romney campaign will be looking for any openings to criticize the president's world view. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is at the white house with a preview. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. president obama has so much to cover in his address at the u.n. iran, israel, syria, egypt, libya. but it was the comments he made on 60 minutes last sunday that's wrapping the most attention -- grabbing the most attention on the campaign trail. >> have recent events in the middle east given you any pause about your support for the governments that have come to power following the arab spring? >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be
5:32 am
bumps in the road. >> reporter: mitt romney jumped on that comment. he said all these recent events in the middle east, the 20,000 deaths in syria, the killing of the american ambassador to libya and the election of a muslim brotherhood to be the eegyptian president are now what he would call bumps in the road. >> we're seeing ourselves at the mercy of events, not up to shaping events. we need a president shaping events and not eking them as bumps in -- not seeing them as bumps in the road. >> reporter: the white house is calling romney's attack, quote, desperate and offensive. they made the remarks right around the same time the. was arriving in new york city yesterday. the president is going to be addressing the u.n. general assembly later this morning but he will not be meeting one on one with any world leaders. very unusual. instead he's going to be talking foreign policy at the clinton global initiative later today as will romney and then it's back on the campaign
5:33 am
trail. both men are going to be campaigning tomorrow in the battleground state of ohio. so a lot of people of course accusing the president of putting his reelection efforts over foreign policy, over the u.n., but, you know, at some point it is just american politics. that's how it is, right? >> absolutely. he has spoken to some world leaders before this general assembly meeting. so we'll continue to report the controversy. thanks, kristin reporting live outside the white house. in king george county, virginia, a memorial to members of the military now stands in front of a landfill. jerry lynn smith lost her husband in iraq. then she found out some of his remains are were among those classified as medical waste and dumped in the landfill on virginia's northern neck. she was there yesterday as a plaque was unveiled. smith has already had some success in getting the military to make changes to try and ensure something like this
5:34 am
never happens again. today d.c. council members will get an update on flooding problems in the bloomingdale neighborhood. the neighborhood off rhode island avenue in northwest washington has been flooded out several times just over the last year and plenty of times in years before that. after the problems came to the attention of city leaders, crews sprung into action ahead of last week's big rainstorm and cleared out the storm drains and handed out sandbags. while some other communities did experience some flash flooding in that storm, not a problem in the bloomingdale neighborhood, at least this time. the tysons redevelopment plan is threatening to do away with some popular green space and a trail. a plan to help ease traffic congestion includes building another exit off the dulles toll road. but one of those proposals would wipe out a wooded area where residents maintain a walking trail through courthouse spring branch. not only do opponents say this possible exit goes against fairfax county's comprehensive plan. they point out that homeowners deeded the park property to the
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county with the understanding the woods and the stream would stay protected. coming up on 5:35, it's time for another your money report. jessica doyle is off today. if you're trying to get a business off the ground in maryland, you might want to start by getting on the bus. the group start-up maryland is rolling its pitch across maryland bus around the state. yesterday the bus made stops at national harbor and in bethesda. start-up maryland leaders are looking for entrepreneurs with top ideas of the they'll then help them connect to resources which can better establish and grow their businesses. prospective business owners are able to pitch their ideas right inside the bus. >> we've had everything from food to enzymes to help clean out chicken coops to high-tech cybersecurity, web-based mobile applications, the whole gamut. >> this morning the start-up bus will be in shady grove at the innovation center from 9:30 to 11:30 and friday morning the
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bus will be at the mid-atlantic bioconference center in north bethesda. a taste test using 600 bottles of wine is under way in sacramento, california, to see which top really is the best. the test on white wine is being conducted by researchers at u.c. davis. one-third of the bottles have natural corks. the second third synthetic corks and the final third are screw top bottles. once opened, the bottles will be checked every three months no changes in color. the darker the white wine becomes, itself more air has infail traited the bottle and that's -- infiltrated the bottle and that's not good. we do have daily deals coming up after the break. >> ahead in today's hero central, we profile a local organization which is helping people struggling with homelessness get back on their feet. we'll be back. okay, at' havin?
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sunny-de up g, d,h... make a doue.ll havther ilyour own bgers are now atenny's. inspirion ca come from ywhere
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welcome back. your weather first on this crisp tuesday morning. it's jacket worthy away from town. we're in the low 50s in northwest but in some of our out our suburbs, we're in the low 40s, even upper 30s. a good looking day today. we don't have the sunrise till 6:59 this morning. by lunch time sunny, 69. a bit breezy at times this afternoon with a few more clouds and highs going into the mid-70s. full seven-day forecast when i see you in about five. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. on the southbound side of the bw parkway after route 450, the accident now on the right shoulder. but still causing a bit of a backup there. here on the beltway at route 210, no issues as you head for the wilson bridge. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:48. back to you guys. daily deals time. the biggest discounts we found as we combed through the e- mails and retailer websites because that's what we do. need a car for the weekend? a getaway car.
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gilt city offering 73% off an annual membership to zip car plus a driving credit. 30 bucks getses you a membership plus a $30 driving credit. $100 gets you a membership plus a $150 driving credit. gas and insurance are included with the membership. how about a brand new coleman hydration ready hiking backpack? sounds cool, huh? e-bay is offering this in its daily deals section for $54.99. 73% off the normal price and free shipping. perfect for the long walk checking out the leaves or maybe the ski slopes in the wintertime. climbing centers in rockville is offering a three hour introductory climbing class for $17. 51% off the price of $35. it's geared toward new climbers. you can find this deal on living social. have you spot add great deal or are you a merchant and want to give us a chance to give a deal to our viewers? contact jessica doyle on facebook.
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5:40. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. women are responsible for buying 80% of this item even though both genders use it. is it a, makeup, b, deodorant, or c, shampoo. >> jenny, one of our facebook friends wrote shampoo. i can't count the number of shampoo products that are in my house. it's a gazillion dollar industry. >> loog on to the -- log on to the facebook fan page and leave your response. eightual fibrillation, -- atrial fibrillation, more on that condition coming up. >> it's break time but we're doing birthdays first. celebrities celebrating today, barbara walters is 83. michael douglas turns 69 today. mark hammel is 61. scotty tipton is 47. oscar nominated actor will
5:42 am
smith is 44. michael douglas' wife oscar winner katherine zeta-jones is 43 today. happy birthday if you're celebrating, too.
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hello. welcome back to nine fine now. 5:-- to 9news now. 5:45. a nice cold slap in the face that will wake you up. >> it's brisk. it's g. i haven't had the heat on -- it's good. i haven't had the heat on in days and days. i'm loving that. >> even turned the fan on. >> the allergies are still up there but moderate yesterday for the ragweed, i know, and some of the pollen out there but the mold spores were low and so is the tree pollen. let's talk about that bus stop forecast. it is a chilly, chilly start to the morning. we've got even a few 30s out west. we're looking at temperatures which are in the 40s in many areas. and a few, the lucky ones i suppose, are in the 50s this morning. sunrise not until 6:59. your day planner sunny to start. partly sunny this afternoon. lunch time temp about 69. a bit breezy, though, this
5:46 am
afternoon. south winds 10 to 15. that will help boost temperatures to the middle 70s. 57, 76 for -- 75, 76 for the high. your plans this evening will be fine but you may need a little bit after jacket with temperatures falling into the upper 60s. this morning i think you'll definitely need a jacket with 45 in gaithersburg and winchester. 37 in cumberland. fredricksburg also 45. look what the water does. the patuxent fival air station -- naval air station sits at 57 degrees. looking east in tysons corner no light yet on the hor rye disoj. still -- horizon. still have over an hour till sunrise but we do have clear skies. dew points in the 40s. humidity 72% and a south, southwesterly wind at 6. that's at reagan national. many areas calm winds and that's a allowed the temperatures to -- that's allowed the temperatures to fall. storms east and north of st. louis. we're watching a cold front that will get close enough to
5:47 am
us for the second half of the week into the weekend that we're going to have a couple of showers here and there. the problem is sometimes you get a little -- you get ripples waves of energy to ride the front. trying to time it in this environment is nearly impossible but at least in the long term. the short-term a little bit better. we're expecting a few more clouds this afternoon. maybe some of the showers getting toward ohio if you happen to be traveling in that direction and moving into pennsylvania tonight. this is midnight. got clouds north. clear skies south. up north overnight can't rule out a spotty shower or two by tomorrow morning. during the day on wednesday, we're looking at sunny skies, at least through lunch time. but then in the afternoon can't rule out a possible shower, even rumble of thunder, especially north of town. looks like most of the action hangs up north of the mason- dixon line. wednesday night into thursday as the front sags south and me anders a-- and me anders across the region -- meanders across the region will indicate who
5:48 am
will stay mostly dry. a nice day. a few more clouds in the afternoon although a bit breezy as well. tonight not as chilly, 50s, even 60ish in d.c. a warmer day tomorrow as we get up to 84 with a chance for an afternoon shower or storm, especially north of washington. thursday i think a better chance mainly of a morning shower, 75. not a bad day. then friday through the weekend, we're really looking at a chance for a shower here and there thanks to that front. highs mainly in the low 70s. it's 5:48. here's monika with timesaver traffic. northbound route 5 at brandywine road, you want to watch out for the accident blocking a couple of lanes there. if you're planning to head south on 270, jammed now leaving route 80 down toward clarksburg. you're going to go about 16 miles an hour before the pace improves at route 121. we'll take a live look a little further south on the southbound side of 270. you can see that traffic is moving really well through rockville and down to the sure. let's go back -- to the spur. let's go back over to the maps to the northbound side of i-95.
5:49 am
this really isn't looking too bad this morning leaving woodbridge to springfield. in fact, we'll go there live right now on the northbound side of i-95. i would say this actually looks better than normal northbound leaving route 644 heading for the beltway at 5:48 in the morning. it's usually bunched up more than this. 395 also looks great past duke street up toward seminary road and the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:00. howard, back to you. >> thanks, monika. i've been involved with the greater washington heart walk frequently talking about heart attacks and strokes. today we're focusing on another problem many people haven't heard of known as afib. the professor of medicine at johns hopkins university medical center is here this morning. thank you for coming. >> it's great to be here. >> what is afib? >> it's very common, achaotic heart rhythm disorder that affects over three million americans. it's a very important common condition.
5:50 am
>> how do people know -- well, is it a high heart beat? >> it's a fast racing irregular heart beat. your heart can seem like it's flopping in your chest, racing out of control or irregular beating of your heart rate or have no symptoms at all so it has a wide range of symptoms. >> you said it affects three million americans but these are generally folks in their 50s and 60s as i understand. >> it starts to increase at the age of 50. by the time you're 8 on, one in ten americans will have afib. those over 65 it's about 4% so it's incredibly common. >> how dow know if i don't have the symptoms? do i get hooked up to the machine? good that give me a readout that i have a weird heart beat? >> the worst presenting is a stroke. but not uncommonly you go in for a checkup and low and behold your doctor checks your pulse or gets an ekg and you have ai fib. >> i find out i have it.
5:51 am
do i panic is this fatal? >> don't panic. you have to know a couple of things. one, it increases risk of stroke so you need to figure out what your risk factors are and do you need to be on a blood thinner. you need to know it's treatable. we have lots of ways to treat and control afib. the key is early diagnosis and treatment where we can ge it under control and prevent -- can get it under control and prevent it from becoming a permanent problem. >> and medicine. i would have to take for the duration of my life at that point? >> there's a couple of things we think about. there's blood thinners and medications to control the heart rhythm. if that doesn't work, we can go in and cauterize it and treat it that way. >> any time you may be out of breath and have the high heart beat you subject what? going to the e.r. and getting it checked out immediately? >> if you have an irregular heart beat, see your doctor, get an ekg. get it figured out because if you have it, you want to know about it. one in three americans haven't heard about it so that's what
5:52 am
we're trying to do is get the word out that it's important and common and get it diagnosed and treated. >> is this preventible? >> it can be prevented to some degree. age you can do nothing about but things like obesity, too much alcohol use can cause it, stimulants, that kind of thing. in many respects it's preventible. >> maintain going health overall. this is one of those factors you can limit the possibility you're going to get this. >> yes, but it's also important to realize even if you're very athletic, some of the most elite athletes in the world have a-fib. no one is not at risk. everyone is at some risk. if you're terribly overweight or have lung disease or whatever. as you go from 50 to 80, everyone's risk of a-fib increases. >> thanks for coming in. go to greater washington heart to learn more about the the heart walk coming up here in washington on november 10. mike? >> thanks, howard. here's what's making news
5:53 am
now at 5:52. a video uploaded to a social media site is claiming to slow violence going on. military jets are shown bombing two buildings on monday. that killed at least five people. human rights groups estimate the death poll in this 18-month- old uprising is approaching 30,000 people. in israel and around the world jews are making final preparations for the holiest day of the year rom kippur, the day of atonement. it begins tonight at sundown and goes till sundown tomorrow. many will fast for the day and thousands of worshipers have already traveled to jerusalem's western wall to hold prayers. thousands of people showed up in south dakota to watch the annual buffalo roundup. dozens of riders on horseback helped corral these massive animals. now the buffalo will be branded and the females will be checked to see if they're pregnanted and some will be culled from the herd and sold at auction. we'll preview president
5:54 am
obama's speech to the u.n. >> we recognize a local group that helps the homeless finds job. -- find jobs. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> a recent study by the department of housing and urban development finds 13,000 people in the area do in the have a stable home. one organization works by matching them with a job and temporary housing. jc hayward salutes the community council for the homeless at vendship place.
5:57 am
>> there's underlying discrimination in terms of your age. why would an employer want to have somebody 61 years old when they can have somebody that's 24, 25. >> reporter: two years ago julius prince found himself homeless and in need after job. >> i filled out a lot of applications on-line. a lot of times if you go to a program or some place and you get an inside contact person, that helps precipitate you getting hired that much quicker. >> reporter: prince found aimhire, a job placement program under community council for the homeless at friendship place. the program helps the homeless rebuild their lives by preparing them for the job search process. >> some folks need to learn how to interview for a job, how to present themselves, what to wear. we actually help people get
5:58 am
dressed for interviews if need be. we do every possible thing to make the person successful. >> reporter: aimhire's workshops allowed prince to polish his resume. know what employers were looking for and practice mock interviews. >> i found the program to be very uplifting. >> reporter: after six months of unemployment, prince now works for the marriott as a bellman. >> he's a very motivated individual, very diligent in his efforts. he maintained appointments with me, made sure to follow me all the time and just really did a good job at the interview. >> reporter: prince has been outstanding at his job getting the employee of the month award last may. >> it's not embarrassing or downtrodden to fall but to stay there is what is perplexing. you've got to get up. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9news now. >> friendship place also provided temporary housing for prince so he could get back on
5:59 am
his feet. today prince and his wife live in a rented apartment. aimhire has placed 52 people in jobs since june of last year. to find out more information on friendship place, go to and click on hero central. you'll find it right there. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika samtani. she's here with us too despite an add ven tourous evening. >> got a madonna hangover? >> i do but it was worth it. howard bernstein has our weather forecast. i told her i didn't want to see any wild and crazy things. a beautiful morning out there. crisp and cool and clear. maybe starting to see a little bit of light on the eastern horizon. still an hour till sunrise. we'll see sunny skies through midday, 69. a few more clouds this afternoon. we'll call it partly sunny, highs mid-70s and a drive home temperature of 74. overhead we're clear here.

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